Custom Packing Equipment

Pack Saddles Choices



While custom work is always available, most work is done with the following options.

Skirting: lined with real sheep skin, lined with leather, and un-skirted.

Canvas belting, britchen, and breast collars


Canvas half breed covers, leather skirted or un-skirted

Custom options available



Material:  Iron cloth is the only material we supply

Types & sizes:

  • Envelope – 30″x20″, 30″x26″, 36″x25″
  • Box end – 30″x20″ – with box ends of 8”, 10”, 12”
  • Box ends with lids

Sizes:   Of course, all sizes are only limited by one’s imagination! – keeping  in mind the trail width, and animal width with load.


All panniers made will fit either your pack saddle or riding saddle, except those with a bar in the top.



“Tips from John” – keep in mind these requirements when ordering your equipment

Category: mule, horse, donkey

Weight: using a rough estimate is okay


Pack Equipment:

    • Britchen
    • Cruppers
    • Lash ropes
    • Tree savers
    • Highlines
    • Hobbles
    • Lead ropes
    • Iron cloth lunch bags


  • Crooked stirrups
  • Tapadaros
Iron Cloth Lunch bags

Iron Cloth Lunch bags